Teacher Resources

The Edco Handwriting Online Teacher’s Guide provides valuable information to support the planning, teaching and assessment of handwriting.

What is Edco Handwriting?

  • a programme for Junior Infants to Fourth Class
  • designed around two pathways, both available from Junior Infants
  • designed to allow schools to transition from pre-cursive to cursive at Book C or Book D (generally used by 1st or 2nd class, but a 3rd class group could use Book D if desired)

The Edco Handwriting programme comes with a Step-Up booklet, which is free to download here. This booklet offers support to pupils who are transitioning from pre-cursive to cursive handwriting.

This is designed for schools who change from pre-cursive to cursive (usually in First or Second Class). It provides practice pages for all 26 lower-case and capital letters, as well as joins.

Summary of the programme content 

Pupil workbooks[image]
Practice copies for Junior and Senior Infant classes [image]
Digital resources (including warm up videos, letter formation animations and practice activities) [image]
Online teacher guide (including handy tips, yearly plans for all class levels, assessment record templates and useful printables) [image]
A1 size alphabet frieze for your classroom [image]
Step-Up Booklet[image]

Areas covered in the Online Teacher’s Resources 

Revision and assessment 

  • includes revision and assessment pages in each book
  • features self-assessment on milestone pages to encourage children to take pride in their handwriting
  • is carefully scaffolded to offer support and progression within and between class levels
  • provides teacher assessment sheets (2 per child) to enable the teacher to easily track, assess and record  each child’s progress. These assessment sheets are directly linked to the revision / assessment pages of the child’s and can be kept in the teacher’s Assessment Folder.