Letter Formations & Phonic Preparation

Letter Families

Edco Handwriting introduces letters in letter families:

[graphics for each letter family to follow]


Book A Pre-cursive

c          o          a          d          g

j          i           r          n          m        h          b          p

l           t           f           k          s          e

u          y          v          w         x          z

Book A Cursive

c            o          a          d          g          q

e           l           h          b          f           k

i            t           j           n          m        p

r           s          z          v          u          w         y          x         

Book B Pre-cursive 

C          O         Q         G

L           F          E          T          I           J

H          K          N         M

P          B          R          D         U

 A          V         W        Y          X          S          Z

Book B Cursive

C          A         O         Q         D

P          B          R          E          L

S          G         N         M        H         K

I           J           T          F          Z

Phonetic Preparation [heading style 2]

Edco Handwriting is phonetically prepared so that children at every level can read what they are writing. The books include practice of:

  • CVC words, Word Families (Book A)
  • CVC words, Word Families, Simple Vowel Digraphs (Book B)
  • Word Families, Sentences including vowel digraphs, magic e words, initial and final consonant blends (Book C)
  • Vowel Digraphs, Sentences including initial and final consonant blends, double consonants, magic e words (Book D)
  • Silent Letters, Double Consonants, Vowel Digraphs (Book E)
  • Silent Letters, Word Endings, Vowel Digraphs (Book F)