Written by Breda Courtney Murphy, a handwriting expert with over 35 years’ experience teaching in Irish schools, and author of the highly successful Mrs Murphy’s Copies.

An exciting new programme that offers schools ultimate choice in how they introduce and teach handwriting

Edco Handwriting with Mrs Murphy

Written by Breda Courtney Murphy, creator of the highly popular Mrs Murphy’s Copies, Edco Handwriting with Mrs Murphy offers an enjoyable graded writing experience for children, enabling them to progress from patterns to letters, to words, and onwards to fluent, legible handwriting.

Digital Resources

Edco Handwriting is supported by a comprehensive package of digital resources to enhance the teaching of handwriting in the classroom, which can be accessed on www.edcolearning.ie, or directly on www.edcohandwriting.ie

Reviewer Comments

‘The inclusion of a flip page/ visual for correct writing etiquette is fantastic as I am constantly saying the same thing over and over.’ – Primary Teacher, Dublin

‘Making use of idioms, Amazing Children, riddles, rhymes, jokes and tongue twisters makes the programme unique and fun.’ – Primary Teacher, Nenagh